I like to study people then ramble on about it.

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Born and raised in Oregon, Jeff is a graduate of Portland State University with a BA in Communications and BS in Social Science.

As a multi-faceted entrepreneur he has worked in marketing, spawned a clothing line, hustled shoes, handled guest relations for a fancy pants restaurant and played semi-semi-semi-professional basketball.

However, it was his time in the radio business (KNRK, KGON, KFXX, KWJJ, and KOTK) that gave him true direction.

 “After high school I bounced around junior colleges playing basketball before giving radio a try. Not knowing how to break into the business, I called a request line and asked how I could get a job in radio. The DJ said I should send in my air check. My response? ʻWhat's an air check?ʼ clearly I feel qualified to host a show.”

About the Show:

"This is something we have been thinking about for a while and it was time to make it happen. The show can be summed up in one word: ever-forward. (hyphenated words count...donʼt be a jerk) You want two words? Fine. Structured chaos. We know where weʼre going, but we are laying the bricks as we walk down the road. Join us. Both of you."